Insane Asylime

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Attention please ...

Four days ago, the Insane Asylime turned one!!

And, we both forgot!

We are terrible bloggers.

Bad Snavy!
Naughty Lime!

Happy Bithday Insane Asylime!!
It's been crazy!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

What a Charmer

Limelet #3 (age 11, male): Hey, Mom, guess what song I can fart to!

Me: Uuuhhh, I can't begin to imagine the necessary range of pitches eking outta yer butt for that.

#3: No!!! Listen! Guess what it is! (His cupped hand is inserted into his sweaty armpit as he flaps an arm like a beheaded chicken. His face contorts into expressions of rock star rapture.) Didja hear it? Didja??

Me: Uuumm, it was impressive in it's power but difficult to catch the tune.

#3: (incredulous) Moooooommm, it was Sweet Home Alabama!

Who is crazier, the kid who comes up with this or the mother who finds it amusing?