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Friday, September 15, 2006

What a Charmer

Limelet #3 (age 11, male): Hey, Mom, guess what song I can fart to!

Me: Uuuhhh, I can't begin to imagine the necessary range of pitches eking outta yer butt for that.

#3: No!!! Listen! Guess what it is! (His cupped hand is inserted into his sweaty armpit as he flaps an arm like a beheaded chicken. His face contorts into expressions of rock star rapture.) Didja hear it? Didja??

Me: Uuumm, it was impressive in it's power but difficult to catch the tune.

#3: (incredulous) Moooooommm, it was Sweet Home Alabama!

Who is crazier, the kid who comes up with this or the mother who finds it amusing?


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