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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No - He Did Not?!?

Yes, he most certainly did! Here is a list of things my husband has actually said to me over the years:

1. What is wrong with your face? I had a pimple.

2. Does it have it's own zip code? Same pimple.

3. Honey, you are really big. I was pregnant with 15 pounds of twin baby girls.

4. Don't ever make this again. Dinner wasn't so great that night.

5. Want me to bang you like a screen door? Translation - do you want to have sex.

6. For a dancer, you are really uncoordinated. I get this one a lot.

7. Are those jammies? I was wearing a slinky lace top with jeans.

8. Babe, please don't make that face. I was flossing.

9. Want to monkey about? Another lovely way of asking about sex.

10. You look fine. I look freaking incredible! (you get the point)

I've posted this on my blog before but I wanted to show another reason for my insanity over here!


  • lemme add, "OMG! you have a Mommy ass!" our first child was a month old.

    By Blogger lime, at 12:09 PM  

  • my husband is Irish and here is something he says to me sometimes:

    Hubby: do you have any Irish in you?
    Me: no
    Hubby : do you want some ?

    I could go on and on with this subject . My husband owns a hardwood flooring company and he is always asking me if I need any hardwood laid! And that last one I am sure that Thomcat will love because he is always joking with me about what my hubby does for a living and believe it or not but it reminds me of my hubby everytime because he is always ribbing me about it too ! LOL! :)

    By Blogger Breazy, at 12:18 PM  

  • Ok, when it comes to sleezy lines, I am the queen around here.
    A few choice examples:
    "Hey, ya wanna...(eyebrow waggle)?"
    "I think I need a nap, right now, and so do you!"
    "Is your skin feeling a little dry?" (bat eyelashes)
    "Babe, I have this itch I need some help with"
    "Nice shoes, wanna f**k?"

    By Anonymous logo, at 1:36 PM  

  • " me in the yurt.." (wink,wink)

    I thought he meant the OTHER yurt, to help me unload my textiles outa the in I went..he wasn't there, so I unloaded the stuff the time I was finished, I decided to look in the OTHER yurt, and he was asleep...ohhhh, THAT yurt! LMAO

    By Blogger barefoot_mistress, at 2:12 PM  

  • hehehe - hardwood laid ... hehehehe

    By Blogger Thomcat, at 3:24 PM  

  • LMAO! that one was for you Thom !!!

    By Blogger Breazy, at 4:29 PM  

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