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Saturday, October 08, 2005


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This is what I have to catch up on. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  • Gimme gimme gimme!!
    This is a good week away from the fam just WAITING to happen
    Unless these are textbooks, in which case, it is aaaaaaaall you, baybay!

    By Anonymous logo, at 2:07 PM  

  • Oh, my. I hope you took a speed reading course!

    By Blogger Fred, at 3:14 PM  

  • Holy crap! I HOPE you just have to tidy up and box the books, not READ them!!! Ack! LOL.

    By Anonymous Colleen, at 5:36 PM  

  • OOH, that's the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a while! What are some of those books?

    By Blogger Irina Tsukerman, at 7:13 PM  

  • If those are text books, I feel your pain. I can't seem to find my room, nor myself under the imense and ever growing stack.

    If they're pleasure reading, how I envy you!! Read one for me.

    By Blogger Cricketina, at 9:57 PM  

  • well, all. it is an image i pulled off the internet to signify the schoolwork i am behind on. yes, if it were all pleasure reading it would be a ball. lit. course i am taking and i am three books behind (due to that monster migraine) with readings and annotations that are do tomorrow...eeeeeeek! all books i want to actually read, it's just the pressure of a due date that is killing me.

    By Blogger lime, at 9:12 AM  

  • good luck!

    By Blogger Breazy, at 4:31 PM  

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