Insane Asylime

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Overheard in the Asylime

Limelette#1 (F,age 15): (watching tv) It makes no sense when a girl is in a bubble bath, that a guy in a suit and shoes climbs in the tub, ruins his clothes and gets mud in the tub. So not romantic.

Mother Lime: Right, he should climb in nekkid.

#1: Yep, forget all that foreplay crap, let's get to business.

ML: Whoa! Back up! Foreplay is a very good thing.

#1: Well, when you're married you don't really need it right? Cuz you can just go at it any time you want.

ML: Kiddo, you need it more than ever then.

Limelet#3 (M, age 10): What's foreplay?

#1: First, second, and third bases.

#3: We're playing baseball?

ML: No, it's all the stuff before sex.

#3: Like what?

ML: Hugging, kissing, touching.

#3: Yuck! That THEN sex?? Gross! I need to go roll in mud or sumthin now.

ML: Ok, just don't climb in the tub till yer nekkid.

#1: You people are insane.


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