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Monday, December 19, 2005

Crazy but True

We got married in the middle of my junior year in college........the day after fall semester finals. We wanted to have time for a honeymoon during the semester break and did not want to wait until May.

During finals week I became a raving lunatic. I know you are all shocked beyond words now. Every time I tried to study I'd think about wedding plans. Every time I'd try to check up on last minute details I'd think how I should be studying.

My darling husband-to-be came to my apartment one night and found me in a wild frenzy. He said I should put away the books and planners, make some tea, put my feet up and he'd go rent us a movie so I could unwind. He asked what I wanted. I kissed him gratefully and said a light, fluffy comedy sounded just about right.

He came back a little while later and popped a movie into the VCR. What light, fluffy comedy did he rent to distract me from stress? The Killing Fields about the Khmer Rouge led genocide in Cambodia. At the end of the movie I burst out crying hysterically. He wondered what was wrong. I asked how he thought this was supposed to make me feel less stress. He thought if I saw someone with worse problems than me I'd feel better about my own stress. In between sobs I cried, 'No! Now I only have guilt about the plight of these people on top of my own stress!'

This weekend we marked 17 years. He at least knows the definition of a light, fluffy comedy now.


  • I see his point. I get your husband. Of course I have been divorced twice already so it's a good thing he learned to change, lol.

    By Blogger Casually Me, at 10:14 AM  

  • LOL you know, Little Rita was born 8 weeks early...3 pounds.. We took lots of pictures, but, I couldn't really look at them. They made me cry a lot.
    SO one day when LR was all big and fattened up, Ratburn brings out the pics and sits down next to me and starts "sharing" them. I started to cry and said, kind of angrily, "I can't look at those pictures, it makes me too sad."
    So, what does he do? He says, "OK, i'll throw them away.", which only made me cry more! "NOOOOO! I don't want you to throw them away, I just don't want to look at them." Sheesh! He knows better now!

    By Blogger barefoot_mistress, at 11:07 AM  

  • Happy Anniversary, Ms. Lime!
    Glad you are getting him trained, another 17 years and he might be marketable.

    By Anonymous logo, at 12:05 PM  

  • Wow.. Umm. Men! Pfft!

    By Blogger Blither, at 1:32 PM  

  • When I am upset - yada yada yada - mr. snavy thinks this is the perfect time to point out "i told ya so's"!

    You know my feelings on men (well my man).

    Can't live with em ... Can't kill em.
    (orange jumpsuits do nothing for me)

    Happy Anniversary!!

    By Blogger snavy, at 2:12 PM  

  • Happy Anniversary!!

    Although what were you thinking getting married in the middle of exams?!?! Holy COW!!! You're more of a woman than I'll ever be. Kudos to you for actually getting married, and passing, let alone staying together for 17 years and going back to school, again.

    By Blogger Cricketina, at 2:45 PM  

  • Happy anneversary!

    Guys - we sure know how to read a woman eh? ;)

    By Blogger bsoholic, at 5:08 PM  

  • Ha Ha! That is so funny and sad at the same time!

    Thankfully, my girl is always direct with me, she never has a problem just telling me what she wants to eat for dinner or if she doesn't want or like something. At first her directness was different for me to wrap my head around and now I love it. It sure makes things simple.

    By Blogger Eddo, at 6:32 PM  

  • Happy Anniversary,
    Have A Great Time
    Great Story,
    Glad you found someone you can connect with and that can connect with you. Good Luck to you both.

    By Blogger Doughboy, at 7:26 PM  

  • Once again, Snav nails it pefectly. SO all I can do is quote a former (male) boss:

    'We're just men'

    Actually he kind of wailed it.

    By Blogger Bridget Jones, at 10:10 PM  

  • I walked that same path. During my junior year in college I got married. I was planning a wedding amidst going to school full time and I was somewhat of an oversensitive bitch. LOL. Yes, I can laugh about it now, though I wanted to wring necks and bonk heads together like coconuts at times.

    By Anonymous Chickadee, at 11:53 PM  

  • Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy at least another 17 together.

    By Blogger James Goodman, at 7:46 AM  

  • I cant look at the pics, don't throw them away....

    It's no wonder I have a shiny bald head that the spiky cap sticks to so well

    Congrats on 17 yrs btw

    By Blogger The Village Idiot, at 11:58 AM  

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